Heather Brammeier

Show ran from 8/1/2010 to 8/14/2010

“The Fabric of Space”   oil paintings

Opening Reception:  Friday, July 23, 6-9 pm

In The Fabric of Space, Heather Brammeier uses both flat shapes and illusionistic space to construct a new form of landscape that equivocates between flatness and expansiveness.  Becoming lost in this strange new space creates a unique introspection that continues beyond the encounter with the painting.  Biomorphic forms sometimes populate the space that appears to have been constructed by or for these creatures.  A new awareness arises from the realization that any reality is constructed in the mind; the value of a visual experience resides not in an object, but in an individual.

link to Heather Brammeier’s website:  www.heatherbrammeier.com

link to photos of the ARC exhibition