Granite Amit

Show ran from 1/5/2013 to 2/2/2013

Closing Reception Friday, January 25 from 6-9 pm

HERETICHA BE’EYNECHA, audio-video installation

Hereticha Be’eynecha is an audio video installation by Granite Amit. Using large-scale prints on translucent surfaces, Amit processes texts and ancient melodies from the Hebrew Bible and focuses on a textual junction within the narrative: the end of the journey in the wilderness and the beginning of the narrative of the story of the creation which are always being read together and form a circular dynamic. The installation hopes to challenge inner gestalts and emotional filters that distort realities to fix and to fit to a larger collective narrative. We assume that the text communicates an epic conclusion in which the spiritual leader, Moses, is summoned to the peak of the mountain, shown the Promised Land but is not permitted to enter it. And yet the text simply says “Hereticha Be’eynecha” which translates to “I let you see who you are with your own eyes, The ultimate goal is of self-transformation and actualization: reaching the level of maturity of seeing and claiming the ultimate self and through it one’s responsibilities and connections to its natural and human surroundings.

Special thanks to Donn De Santo, double Bass and sound designer and Debbie Bard and Michael Davis, vocalists.

At the closing reception, January 25, 2013, a special event will take place in memory of Darius McGraw, a participant in the “Recurrent Dream” project, which was supported by ARC gallery. Youth from Darius’s community will present a Hip Hop performance followed by reflections from Camille Odeh.