Granite Amit

Show ran from 11/1/2006 to 12/2/2006

“The Post Narrative,” a video projection installation of animated text, LCD flat TV screens and ink jet printing on plexi-glass 

The projected text is a segment from a semi-autobiographical text which was written from the perspective of an Israeli and Jewish artist who is searching for a definition and the meaning of her identity in relation to the collective narrative. The “Post Narrative” is rewritten to challenge the conventional timeline of events, to enable a glance, through and beyond, the literal layer of the narration.

At its end, the form of the story is transcended, allowing the essential matter to emerge. The text also refers to locations, which were chosen due to their relevance to the current conflict in the Middle East– like Haifa and the Valley of Nis Nas. Vadi Nis Nas is an Arab and Jewish neighborhood in Haifa which has produced rich dialogue and cultural cooperation between the two people, a long lasting symbol and a reminder of the possibility of co-existence.