Global Arts and Culture Exchange

2/4/2009 to 2/27/2009

“Suitcase,”  exchange show, various media

OPENING RECEPTION:  Friday, February  6, 6-9 pm

The Global Arts and Culture Exchange is an exchange of visits and exhibitions between graduate students from Michigan State University and the Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina in Florianopolis, Brazil.  Suitcase expresses and explores ideas about traveling and living in a globalized society. The works embrace correspondence, translation and interaction between various people.  Each piece is portable and transitory.  This exhibition itself is an installation about process, marked by the transient nature of its subject, the suitcase.    

Participating Artists:  Steve Baibak, Mathew Boonstra, Ben Clore, Deon Foster,  Benjamin Fuhrman, Janel Schultz, Lisa Truax, Grant Whipple, Debra Bruel, Flávia Duzzo, Talita Esquivel, Miguel Etges, Silvia Guadagnini, Ana Hmeljevski, Jefferson Kielwagen, Diego Rayck and Márcia Sousa.

This project was funded by support from the Office of the Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies, the College of Arts and Letters, the Department of Art and Art History, the Council for Graduate Students, the Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and a Tinker Field Research Grant.