Frayed: Fiber Beyond Craft

JUROR: Jade YumangOpening Reception Fri.  June 28, 6-9pm 

Exhibiting artists chosen by juror:

Aviva Alter – Theo Bignon – Caroline Covington – Madison Creech. – Micah Dillman – Sophia Karina English – Audrey Goldstein  – Peg Grady – Mille Guldbeck – Danielle Anastasia Lasker – JeeYeun Lee – Joanne Luongo – Yvonne Martinez – Katie Mongoven – Em Racine – Daniela Triana – Jacob Zhefu Wan – Hope Wang – Mia Weiner – Chris Williford – Alex Younger

Fiber works — from embroidery, stitching and sewing, to weaving and felting— have, throughout history, been relegated to the genre of craft and to ‘women’s work.’ Since the late sixties and early seventies, however, the women’s movement has broken through that pigeonhole, as many talented artists turned to Fiber as a form of expression that extended way beyond Craft. ARC’s exhibition views fiber as a seminal aspect of expression–we look to further “fray” the boundaries of this evocative medium.

Fiber art now goes beyond the worn-out craft vs. art debate and is a lot more integrated into modes of making work. The potential of using techniques that we habitually encounter on our daily lives primarily through touch then highlighting that fundamental affect into transformative work is robust and boundless.

Subsequently, fiber art is a conduit that is adapted to grasp evolving implications able to tackle subjects including but not limited to personal narratives, formal abstractions, body works, and political underpinnings. Its conceptual weight is the ability to upend ubiquitous techniques and materials to craft different perspectives and/or break its expectations.


Opening Reception, Friday, June 28, 6:00-9:00pm

  • Exhibition dates: June 26 – July 20, 2019 
  • Gallery hours: Wed – Sat 12-6 pm,  Sun 12-4 pm