Elaine Pawlowicz

Show ran from 11/7/2012 to 12/1/2012

COSMIC SUBURBIA          paintings

Opening Reception Friday, November 9 from 6-9 pm

For inspiration for her series, Cosmic Suburbia Elaine Pawlowicz states that her neighborhood is a stage set that is distinguished by manicured lawns and curious landscaping. Her paintings portray quaint homes swallowed up by neon color fields and a type of magical realism where the space is flat with an idiosyncratic perspective.

The images are heroic and pathetic and exhibit an “anima” locked within curious objects, homes, and animals that mirror her human spirit. They are inspired by several summer residencies in Wyoming, Montana, and Iceland where the night sky was vast and powerful.

To see more of this artist’s work:   http://www.faultywire.com/