Dian Sourelis

Show ran from 11/1/2013 to 11/16/2013

Join us for our Opening  Friday, October 25 from 6-9pm

Dian Sourelis finds beauty, depth and balance in what others cast off. A tiny scrap of rusted metal, a worn square of cloth or leather, discarded family photos, old nails…….

She gathers these odd, but beautiful objects and combines them for a body of work that is peaceful, yet strong, like the everyday people in the images and the sturdy little rusted objects themselves.

All of the pieces in figure / found share the common theme of figure-incorporating anonymous black and white images-and while they also share “found” backgrounds, these backgrounds are diverse-from reclaimed wood, stone and silkscreen, to used paper, canvas, and rusted metal.
Sourelis’ use of repetitive imagery, linear and graphic forms, and often, the written word, have produced an ethereal, peaceful body of work that explores the themes of gender, family, memory and purpose.