Chiyeko Yuki

“Chiyeko Yuki: New Work”  Opening  Fri.  May 26,  6-9pm

Tokyo-based artist Chiyeko Yuki returns to ARC Gallery with her newest creations. Yuki’s work is subtle, fragile, thoughtful and graceful. These small pieces of art work are Chiyeko Yuki’s everyday “journals”. They are Yuki’s way-of-life shown in light and shadow.

The repeated layering of shapes is the passing of every regular day.
The lights and shadows in each shape help tell stories about the inner life of the artist and bring to mind memories.

Light and shadow refer to the thoughts Yuki creates while she puts herself in each composition. The compositions have no direct association with any particular visible experience, but in them one recognizes the principle and passion of Yuki’s way of life.

The routines of every day are there in cruel ways and at times in gentle ways. Yuki creates art with internal freedom and without need to confirm or violate what is possible in her familiar precious life.

Art can scoop up not only light but also shadow. Art can shed light on the shadows in life which we, human beings, often try to bury beyond memory.

Opening:     Friday May 26 from 6-9pm

Exhibition dates:     May 24 – June 17, 2017

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm