Charlotte Segal

Show ran from 6/2/2010 to 6/19/2010

 “Past and Present:   A Retrospective, mixed media  Curated by Greg Knight

 Opening Reception:  Friday, May 28, 6-9pm 

Charlotte Segal says that she has never been one to connect to particular art “isms” as she follows her own paths. Though she does respect the work of Picasso, O’Keefe and Pollock, she paints intuitively and finds shapes and themes that tell personal stories.  She often concentrates on the feminine mystique as well as forms borrowed from nature.  Since travel has been a part of her experiences, several paintings in this mini retrospective document other cultures that she has visited.  She says that every mark and shape placed on canvas she views as a kind of self portrait in that while making art, she is totally absorbed by the process. She has tried in the selection of works for this show to choose those that best tell how her career in art developed over the years.  Choosing the work has been an interesting challenge and very introspective.

Photos of the exhibition

 Preview of Catalogue  “In Retrospect”