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This category of membership is for emerging artists who would like to belong to the ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation, but for whom the monthly dues are prohibitive. The Launch Group includes a subsidized membership for those who have time and energy to dedicate to ARC.

The Launch program provides a hands-on learning experience on how a gallery runs including curating, installation, contracts, press releases, blog writing, grants, fundraising, scheduling, organizing, and long-range planning. This includes opportunities to meet and work with artists, media, arts organizations, arts patrons, and the public.

The program is initially for one year and renewable yearly for a total of three years. After one year, the Launch member is eligible to apply for full (board) membership or continue as a Launch member.  Although the Launch member will have already been juried in as a member, full board membership or Launch renewal will be contingent on the Launch member having contributed energy equivalent to that of a board member. If Launch member has not contributed appropriate time and energy, she will not be asked on to the board. If accepted, a new board member will begin paying dues and at that time will be scheduled for a solo show in 18-24 months.


  • Participation in the Annual Members Exhibition*
  • Participation in traveling and/or exchange shows scheduled for that year.*
  • Full voting rights.
  • Tuition support (up to  $100) to a local workshop (for grant-writing, business skills for artists, etc.)
  • Annual collaboration in a curated Launch Group show or of a Launch Group themed juried exhibition.*Any fees associated with these exhibitions are not part of the Launch contract.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Must be a woman artist living in the Chicago area.
  • Gallery sitting one day a month (occasionally twice as needed).
  • Participating on installation/de-installation day (one weekend day a month).
  • Attending membership meetings (once a month).
  • Attending and staffing opening receptions (usually first Friday of every month).
  • Working on one major gallery project with mentor.

Application Procedures

  1. Petitioning artist must submit a full résumé, artist statement, letter of intent detailing interests and personal goals, and 15-20 images of current work with image list.
  2. The Membership Chair will review applications and will then contact the applicant to set up a studio visit. This visit is meant to offer the applicant a chance to talk about their work,  meet members, and ask any questions—and it is meant for gallery members to assess the seriousness of the applicant
  3. Launch membership in ARC is based on excellence of work and personal commitment to the goals and mission of this alternative gallery and its cooperative structure.

Apply for ARC Launch Group Membership

  • Personal Information

  • Attachments

    Please use the following fields to upload your resume, 10 images of current work with a description list, letter of recommendation from a faculty member, and letter of intent.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc.
  • Please upload a zip file containing images of 15-20 pieces of your work, and number your images 1-10, etc. NOTE: your images must be in jpg format.
    Accepted file types: zip.
  • Provide an itemized list of titles, sizes, mediums, date produced, and short description of each image. Make sure you itemize your list to correlate to your image numbers above.

ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation is sponsored in part by grants from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs  and Special Events, Wicker Park/Bucktown Chamber of Commerce Community Grant Program, the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, our members and our ARCangels.

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