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ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation provides a rich environment for the development of artistic potential, experimentation, education and dialogue for professional artists working in all media, including performance and installation. 

As a non-profit woman-artist-run cooperative, ARC provides and subsidizes individual and group exhibition opportunities for established and emerging artists many of whom are under-represented in commercial galleries, without discrimination towards gender, race, age, class, physical/mental ability, sexual, spiritual or political orientation.


  • Each member will be entitled to a solo exhibition within 18-24 months of joining the gallery and again 18-24 months thereafter. Note that your show will be booked as close to the 18-24 month time period as is possible dependent upon the pre-existing exhibition calendar.
  • Each member will receive the full requested value of her work. ARC charges no commission on sales.
  • Each member may represent herself at the gallery with a personal publicity book and with a gallery space on the ARC website and a link to her own website.
  • Participation in the yearly membership group exhibition and in exchange exhibitions with other cooperatives throughout the US and abroad.
  • Continual involvement and opportunities to exchange ideas, techniques, and resources with other artists.


  • $120 in membership dues are payable each month. The Initial contract is for 2 years and renewable year by year thereafter.
  • Members are required to pay their dues month by month, unless a prior payment arrangement has been made with the President upon return of this signed and dated contract.
  • Members who wish to resign their membership prior to the end of a contract will be obligated to pay any dues, assessments, or other charges remaining unpaid as stated in Article III, Section 5 of ARC by-laws. Written resignation is requested for members not fulfilling contract, at least one month ahead of planned membership termination. The President will then discuss situation with member to formalize contract termination and have arrangements made to collect unpaid dues. The President must be informed of renewal of membership prior to board elections held each May of each fiscal year.

Application Procedure

  • Petitioning artists should submit application by filling out the form below.
  • The Membership Chair will review applications and will then contact the applicant to set up a studio visit. This visit is meant to offer the applicant a chance to talk about their work, meet members, and ask any questions—and it is meant for gallery members to assess the seriousness of the applicant.
  • Membership in ARC is based on excellence of work and personal commitment to the goals and mission of this alternative gallery and its cooperative structure.

Apply for Inter / National Membership

  • Personal Information

  • Attachments

    Please use the following fields to upload your artist's statement, a resume, and at least 20 images of current work with a description list.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc.
  • Please upload a zip file containing images of at least 20 pieces of your work, and number your images 1-20, etc. NOTE: your images must be in jpg format.
    Accepted file types: zip.
  • Provide an itemized list of titles, sizes, mediums, date produced, and short description of each image. Make sure you itemize your list to correlate to your image numbers above.

ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation is sponsored in part by grants from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs  and Special Events, Wicker Park/Bucktown Chamber of Commerce Community Grant Program, the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, our members and our ARCangels.

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