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“Reverberations: 3 Perspectives On The Violence In Our Lives,” a photographic narrative by Apna Ghar clients and staff that explores the effects of domestic violence in their lives

This exhibit is a collaboration between the Framing Safety Project developed by Dr. Lisa Frohmann at UIC and under the leadership of Kiran Siddiqui, Program Director at Apna Ghar, in conjunction with Apna Ghar’s art therapy program led by art therapist Jill Jeffrey. Photography is a powerful tool of expression, reflection and healing. Using photography and narrative Apna Ghar clients and staff explore independenlty and together the effects of violence in their lives. In the Framing Safety Project the clients of Apna Ghar used photo-narratives to explore the complexities of living in or with and leaving their abusive relationships, the inner strength required to rebuild their lives, the pain of being disenfranchised by their communities and cultures, and the legal obstacles that inhibit their ability to create a safe life for themselves and their children. This exhibit reveals the complex interplay between the women violated by abuse and those who work with them and on their behalf. These photo-narratives represent how violence reverberates from client to advocate and advocate to client — and radiates outward from there.