Anne Farley Gaines and Geoffrey Novelli

Show ran from 6/2/2010 to 6/19/2010

Rebirth,” watercolor, mixed-media, sculpture

Opening Reception:  Friday, May 28, 6-9pm 

“Rebirth” is a two-person exhibit of works by painter Anne Farley Gaines and sculptor Geoffrey Novelli. Most of the works involve natural imagery and contain covert metaphors for different emotional states. Gaines’ icefall and waterfall series in watercolor and mixed-media are exemplary of this. Novelli’s recent copper works capture some of the oriental whimsy found in personal fantasy. Recently married, Gaines and Novelli have experienced unity in collaborating on some of their three-dimensional works, most recently an icefall created in wax and cast in iron. Their goal is to convey a positive and joyful view of life through their use of exuberant imagery.

 Photos of the exhibition