Angela A. McElwain

“Loss, Change, Stasis”   Opening  Fri.  April 28,  6-9pm

Loss, Change, Stasis, an exhibition of constructs by Angela A. McElwain, reflect the strength of women when confronted with loss, especially of the self, innocence, death, separation, abuse, etc. Included in the exhibition is Jochebed’s Dream, part of an installation which will simulate a museum exhibit including a display case with artifacts related to the subject, Jochebed, and her loss of her child, Moses. Currently a work in progress but projected to be completed later this year.

Referencing her constructs Ms. McElwain states, “When I work with secondary material, I am reminded the cast-aside can be transformed into a thing of impactful eloquence. The objects I use must be visually interesting and tactile, since I began by noticing their physical structures, then, by handling the things I sense their vibration. One of my favorite materials is lead because of its contrary qualities: it is plastic metal, the surface is beautiful yet marred, the greyness is industrial yet strangely comfortable.”

Ms. McElwain’s work, stimulating and intuitive, speaks for itself.


Opening:     Friday April 28  from 6-9pm

Exhibition dates:     April 26 – May 20, 2017

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm