Alisa Singer

“Around the House,” paintings

In this series of paintings you are encouraged to perceive commonplace and mundane objects with a fresh perspective. While we recognize these objects at a subliminal level, they rarely rise to the plane of our consciousness. By considering these items out of context, separate from their prosaic function and environment, we can clearly recognize their distinctive visual characteristics that go unnoticed on a day-to-day basis. Consider, for example; the graceful and arresting patterns of striped towels hanging in a row; the soft lines, texture and hues of a pile of laundry or a stack of folded blankets; the whimsical, near-human qualities of the head of a wooden mop; or the spectral silhouette of clothes hanging in a closet, free of their human form. You don’t need to leave the comfortable confines of your home to find images capable of quickening the imagination and stimulating the senses.