Artists From Bulgaria — ARC Gallery Exchange Exhibition

“REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THERE”  Exhibition dates May 23-June 16.  Opening Reception Friday, May 25, 6 – 9pm

ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation is excited to continue our art exchange with artists from Art Movement Krug, Kardzali, and Association of artists from Kardzali, Bulgaria. This exhibition is the second part of the two-way artistic exchange between ARC Gallery and Art Movement ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation is excited to continue our art exchange with artists from Art Movement Krug,

Participating artists: Radost Nikolaeva, Galina Dimova, Ziyatin Nuriev, Zafer Galibov, Laura Dimitrova, Arian Rexhepi, Burhanettin Ardagil, Didem Erbas, Guillaume Hillairet, Gyongy Laky, Diane Roehm, Vanya Petkova, Vladimir Chukich, Emil Penchev, Iveta Stoyanova, Kamber Kamber, Maya Mecheva, Pavlina Chukich, Penka Atanasova, Hari Atanasov, Hristo Gaberov

Joan d’Arcambal

May 23-June 16, 2018  Opening Reception Friday May 25  6-9pm

Each one of Joan d’Arcambal’s sprawling, color-drenched paintings appears to be a vivid record of the painting process. In fact, it’s a dazzling illusion, because her large, paint thickened works-that is, her signature impasto style represent the end of the act: the terminus of an artistic expedition, which she reaches by launching herself into a near-trance state, to paint for hours, until she can no longer stand or hold a brush.


“Painting for me is like entering another world,” says d’Arcambal. “I paint without thinking – it’s completely intuitive. I believe that the work reflects that.”

Susan Smith Trees

Exhibition dates:  May 23 – June 16   Opening Reception Friday, May 25, 6 -9PM

Susan Smith Trees work concerns the confrontation with the forces of the psyche and the attempt to give physical expression to the cracked, open spaces within.

Materials drive this process. The act of manipulating the material, she explores its capabilities and limitations and discovers its possibilities. It is through this relationship that direction and form emerge. Letting the material lead allows the unleashing of an inner world in a kind of physical exorcism suggesting the experience of the body as a gateway to transformation.

“There is only one journey, going within.” R.M. Rilke