Amy Zucker

As political discussions deliberate health care and the reality of our aging population, Miracle Medicine encourages the viewer to consider the possibility of aspiring to the existence of miracles.  Combining the collection of pill bottles from patient visits  from her practice as a nurse with paintings that replicate dementia, Amy Zucker offers what may be a difficult truth.  The solution is complicated and we must be ambitious to solve this issue so that we can hope for miracles.

Opening Reception, Friday, May 27 from 6-9pm  

Exhibition dates: May 25 – June 18, 2016 
Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm

Diana Simon

In her comprehensive exhibit, Diana More Simon, Diana Simon demonstrates that she is an admirer of the ordinary, of the common. She feels a sense of community with her subject matter, making her work very personal.

The human form can be glorious and ugly, graceful and vulgar. The figures in Simon’s works are not idealized and therefore too unattractive for some viewers to admire. None the less, their vulnerability and humanity often makes them larger than life and heroic. Whatever the subject matter, she approaches with respect and candor.

In addition, her landscapes are not just settings waiting to be inhabited, rather they are the result of human presence.

Every act of viewing brings a new edition of a piece. The visual baggage we all carry with us brings an involuntary concept to each spectator. She welcomes the diverse response her work elicits.    

Opening Reception, Friday, May 27 from 6-9pm  

Exhibition dates: May 25 – June 18, 2016
Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm  

CALL FOR ENTRIES – “We the People…” an open-walls show at ARC Gallery

In mid-July 2016, ARC will present an exhibition entitled, “We the People….”

***Download the prospectus or  submit online ***

Deadline for Submissions: July 2, 2016 @ 11:59pm CST

As part of the important conversations swirling around this election year, ARC invites artists to join an exciting new open walls show in August 2016 entitled “We The People…”

With this exhibition we are looking for work that critically explores and dissects the current election season and the wider impact government has on our lives. We, in this country (U.S.), are all affected by those whom we elect, regardless of racial, sexual, gender, class, citizenship status. To grapple with issues and ultimately to vote is a responsibility and an honor; and it calls for discussion in which both visual and non-visual artists, can have much to offer.

“We The People…” is an open walls show. In a democracy, everyone’s voice matters.  So in this show, if you apply, you are automatically included in this exhibition.  There are just a few rules – to find out more, click here to download the prospectus, or click here to submit now, online.