Updated application form to apply for a show at ARC next year.

ARC GALLERY has updated the form that we are using to apply for a solo show at the gallery.  Check out the current application form.  Bugs have been eliminated, and it is working well.

Call for entries


Show ran from 3/5/2014 to 3/29/2014


FYR-Renacer-Reborn title


Opening Reception Friday, March 7, 6-9pm

This exhibit of collaborative works involves residents of a domestic violence shelter and ARC members Granite Amit, Kina Bagovska, Iris Goldstein, Pauline Kochanski, Ruti Modlin, Cheri Reif Naselli, and Michele Stutts.

Fractured Yet Rising

Show ran 3/5/2014 to 3/29/2014

Opening Reception Friday, March 7, 6-9pm

See Below for information about the Programing on Monday, March 17th 6:30pm

Mounted by ARC Gallery during Women’s History Month, Fractured Yet Rising is a multimedia art exhibit that raises awareness about the different dimensions of violence against women, and communicates the experiences, journeys and shifts in self-perception from victims to communicators about the phenomenon. The exhibition explores the theme of violence against women by engaging with story and experience, the psychology of abuse, survival and transformation, and the role of mass media and culture in furthering violence against women. Healthy definitions of masculinity and femininity also will be depicted along with spiritual and conceptual foundations for understanding the phenomenon.

Participating artists: Elaine Alibrandi, Inbal Amit, Sandra Antongiorgi, Pippa Arend, S.A. Bachman, Jan Brandt, Jessica Caldas, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Mary Ellen Croteau, Lorraine Dauw, Manal Deeb, Sasha Douglas-Nares, Josiah Eidmann, Donna Festa, Lucy Gans, Ava Ginsburg, Sarvin Haghighi, Aimee M. Howard, Michael Hubbard, Elnaz Javani, Judith Joseph, Josiane Keller, Grace Needlman, Sheri Park, Kate Pollard, Alice Sharie-Revelski, Miklos P. Simon, Linda Smith, Alexandra Jo Sutton, Mychal Trujillo, Jennifer Weigel, Greta Young, and Fotios Zemenides.

A Conversation About Violence Against Women

Mon. March 17, 6-9pm
Violence Against Women, Talking about the Hard Stuff: Re-creating a Movement for Healing and Change


  • Barbara Engel, MPH, survivor activist- leading the conversation
  • Sharmili Majmudar, Executive Director,  Rape Victim Advocates
  • Scheherazade Tillet, M.A.A.T,  Executive Director,  A Long Walk Home
  • Kathy Doherty, Executive Director of Between Friends

Join us for a conversation that explores the personal and political dimensions of violence against women. We will examine the many forms of violence women endure in our culture, from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, to the feminization of poverty, the links between oppressions and the strength and strategies women use to cope, endure and thrive. We will also challenge the narrow confines of the traditional definitions of masculinity and the critical role men could play in preventing violence.

We will explore the ways in which healing, recovery and transformation occur in people, communities and societies.

Please join us for this probing, interactive discussion with remarkable women who have worked for decades to illuminate this problem and work to change the acceptance of violence in our homes, communities and culture.