P.J. Mills

Show ran from 1/8/2014 to 2/1/2014

These paintings represent visual metaphors that emerge from the examination of common objects and how images of those objects relate to an “intimate” human condition. They are metaphors for identity, self-preservation, and mortality stem directly and indirectly from inanimate and animate personal possessions. Objects of interest may include: children’s toys, grooming accessories, insects and food. The work results in objects contextually placed in still life settings or sometimes in more ambiguous spaces. By focusing on small and in most cases insignificant objects, Mills illustrates a greater significance pertaining to our addiction to possessions, our obsession with self-preservation, and ultimately our mortality. Although, his primary concern is with the metaphors these objects may represent, he is continually inspired by more complex issues that the simple juxtaposition of two or more objects presents.

Ann O’Brien

Show ran from 1/8/2014 to 2/1/2014

Where have we been? Where are we going?

When getting from Point A to Point B, there are bits which insinuate themselves into the experience. In Are We There Yet? Ann O’Brien acknowledges and employs the crack in the road, the lines on the map, the impression of the wheels and the ordinary detritus we usually overlook into abstracted journals of everyday encounters. In each case, the medium and the act of incorporating the observed items into it becomes the journey.


Nancy Fritz

Show ran from 1/8/2014 to 2/1/2014

In her show, Hatched, Nancy Fritz creates a visual tribute to her mother who turned 90 this year.  Introducing small intimate portraits of the women in her family, Nancy draws on her history as a figurative and narrative painter. In this show she has expanded her work to include elements of installation as well, centered around the idea of eggs as metaphor for various aspects of her mother’s life, the daily tasks of which, as a farmer’s wife, included caring for all the creatures on the farm, children and animals alike. Spanning a visual realm, from classical painting techniques to sculptural symbols, the show creates a lively and deeply personal peek at one woman’s life.