Kerry Hirth

Show ran from 8/1/2013 to 8/17/2013

Join us for our Opening Friday, July 26 from 6-9 pm

Kerry Hirth is an artist and musician with a natural ability to hear musical harmony in color. Hirth uses that blending of experience to convey the beauty of songs and instrumental music in long, colorful pastel paintings. The paintings in the series This Land is Your Land are her effort to go beyond the harmony, or chords, she hears to other dimensions of music such as melody and lyrics.

The series takes its name from the well-known Woody Guthrie tune, which she has used as the basis of many of the paintings. The lyrics to Guthrie’s song contain references to the natural environment in the United States, including forests, valleys, and deserts, as well as the sunlight, sky and water that surround us. The paintings of This Land is Your Land use color, instead of words, to honor and reflect our natural surroundings.  Look for the colors of sunsets, birch trees, green wheat fields and butterfly wings, as well as the Badlands, the Missouri Ozarks, the arctic and the fiery surface of the sun.

After carefully studying music for so many years, Hirth truly began to see musical patterns in nature.  She transforms the experience of music and gives it a sense of time and place.

Martin Drapkin

Show ran from 8/1/2013 to 8/17/2013

Marty Drapkin’s photography exhibit, “Mothers and Daughters,” represents his work on this subject over almost forty years. The project includes both candid and posed photographs of mothers and daughters of all ages. Drapkin’s goal in this project has been to capture what he can of the beauty and, more importantly, of the special relationship that many mothers and daughters have. This is perhaps the most interesting of human associations, in which we see the full range of human emotions: warmth, caring, devotion, pride, high hopes and expectations, and often just a lot of fun. We may also see the bitterest arguments, sad disappointments, envy, resentment, and hurt feelings. It seems at once the tenderest and most tumultuous of human relationships, and the artist  hopes that his photographs reflect that.

Lauren Kalman & Millee Tibbs

Show ran from 8/1/2013 to 8/17/2013

In their collaborative exhibit entitled Strapped, Lauren Kalman and Millee Tibbs make use of transformational objects such as prosthetics and augmentations to explore the desire for the ideal, but find that somewhere in that attempt the ideal becomes mutated or deflated.

Lauren Kalman’s Spectacular combines image making and garment construction techniques with a critical investigation into the depiction of illness, stigmas of illness, and sexualizing of the abnormal, in both contemporary and nineteenth century visual culture. The materials are chosen because of their connection to accumulation of wealth, privilege, and style. The wearable objects are derived from contemporary and nineteenth century medical images and portraits of side show “freaks.”

In the series Virgin Land, Wyoming, Millee Tibbs explores the desire to make the imaginary into the real.  Prosthetic unicorn horns are fitted onto horses at a tourist destination ranch resort in Wyoming. The unicorn horn departs from its traditional representation as fantasy and presents itself as an anti-heroic, phallic augmentation that feminizes its wearer, calling into question the mythic masculinity aligned with the West.