Iris Goldstein

Show ran from 6/1/2012 to 6/23/2012

ALLUSIONS   mixed media reliefs and colored pencil drawings

Opening Reception:  Friday, June 1, 6-9pm

Iris Goldstein is presenting a new array of painted plaster-relief sculptures and colored-pencil drawings at her exhibit Allusions.  In making her sculptures, she uses common building materials, such as plaster, aluminum screening and wood, to create objects that are not quite recognizable, but that also seem familiar and allusive. In both sculptures and drawings, Goldstein suggests a view of an every-day world that is transformed from the literal to the imagined and abstracted.

Esther Charbit

Show ran from 5/2/2012 to 5/26/2012

OPERA FEMMES FATALES   mixed media paintings

Opening Reception Friday, May 4, 6-9pm

CABARET PERFORMANCE by Lulu Temptrice accompanied by Elliot Jones  7:30 May 4th

For her new show, Opera Femmes Fatales, Esther Charbit has been inspired by her love of opera. She employs various media  to create stylized depictions of six operatic heroines. Her work emphasizes color, texture and pattern and has been influenced by the theatrical paintings of Gustav Klimt and the glittering, dramatic composition found in Tiffany glass.

Barbara Bickel

Show ran from 6/1/2012 to 6/23/2012

WIT(H)NESSING EYES CLOSE(D)   mixed media installations

Opening Reception:  Friday, June 1, 6-9pm

In Barbara Bickel’s visual and sound installation of Wit(h)nessing Eyes Close(d) one must cross a threshold into intimacy– an intimacy that embodies both close encounter(s) and distant or aerial point(s) of view. Trance, a practice of dreaming while awake, is the genesis of this figurative series that re-wit(h)nesses and re/produces the sensorial aesthetic journey of a trans/per/forming woman(s) body through time and space. The body, traditionally drawn and represented with/in/on a disrupted enviro/scape causes the viewer/listener to move beyond attempts to restore the body to singular completeness and to fully see it in co-relationship, distinct yet a/part of the matrixial ground.

Maxine Henryson

Show ran from 6/1/2012 to 6/23/2012

UJJAYI’S JOURNEY       photography

Opening Reception:  Friday, June 1, 6-9pm

There will be a book signing at the opening reception of Ms. Henryson’s new book of photographs “Ujjayi’s Journey.” Ujjayi’s Journey is a visual poem in which Maxine Henryson explores religious  coexistence, rituals, the female world, and nature through photographs.   She tells the story of her search for the portrayal of the  divine-as-feminine within India’s contemporary culture, linking the present to the past.