Show ran from 12/1/2011 to 12/23/2011


Opening Reception: Friday, December 2, 6-9pm

Jean Robert Franco – Francoise Anger – Steven Bernas – Elena Elbe

As part of an ongoing exchange program with fellow artists from France, during the month of December ARC welcomes four French artists who are exploring their concepts of “Intimacy” through the lens of the camera. What difference is there, if any, between the individual works? What differences are there in the approach or use of the medium? Or between the view of a French artist and an American one? With today’s international experiences and exchanges, the language of art is hardly national but bridges over and between cultures, nations and individuals.

Kerry Hirth

Show ran from 12/1/2011 to 12/23/2011 and by appointment 12/26/2011 to 1/7/2012


Opening Reception: Friday, December 2, 6-9pm

In her exhibit, “Sonatas from a Climate of Sunlight and Warmth,” Kerry Hirth creates long, horizontal, colorful pastel paintings which portray musical compositions.  She uses personal experience of consistent and automatic associations of musical harmonies and color to create these synesthetic works by tracking the progress of chords as a piece is performed.  The patterns of color resulting from this process conveys the meaning and the beauty of the music they depict. This exhibition highlights works based on the keyboard sonatas of the Baroque composer Domenico Scarlatti.  A legendary harpsichordist once remarked, “When we hear Scarlatti’s music, we know that we are in the climate of sunlight and warmth.”