Iris Goldstein

Show ran from 11/3/2010 to 11/20/2010

“Transformations”  mixed media plaster wall reliefs

Opening Reception: Friday October 29, 6-9 PM

Iris Goldstein creates her painted plaster-relief sculptures to investigate allusion and memory. In her latest body of work, the imagery is intended to suggest known and unknown objects and landscapes–fragments of memories, perhaps. Common building materials, plaster, aluminum screening and wood, are transformed from the literal to the imagined and abstracted. The artist’s experiments with her materials help her to find new ways of seeing, which she hopes will awaken other allusions and memories in the viewer.

Carol Ng-He

Show ran from 11/3/2010 to 11/20/2010

“Voyage Festival”  mixed media collage and installation

Opening Reception: Friday, October 29,  6-9PM

Cutting is to disrupt, wound, subtract, open, and begin, in any duration.  This exhibit displays Carol Ng-He’s mapping of the restless motions of her memories and inner voices by juxtaposing reproductions of her own drawings and paintings.  The process of cutting and reclamation of images embodies the infinite possibilities upon the known definitions among all of us.

James Mullen

Show ran from 11/3/2010 to 11/20/2010

“Cultivations”  mixed media

Opening Reception: Friday, October 29, 6-9PM

During the last six years James Mullen has been involved in photographing greenhouses. This has included a wide range of facilities, during various times of year, in a range of different locations around the country. As this body of work has continued to grow, he has become interested in exploring these images in a range of media. The fact that he has spent the last two decades as a painter, specifically focusing on the landscape, has especially influenced his vision for this body of work.