Esther Charbet “Jewels”

Esther Charbit will be showing her paintings entitled “Jewels” thru the month of April at Gallery 203, Flat Iron Building, 1575 N. Milwaukee in Wicker Park. The artist’s reception is Fri. 4/2 from 6-10PM.

Derek Haverland

Show ran from 4/1/2010 to 4/24/2010

 “Glass Constructs,” Etched Glass

Derek Haverland explores the duality of meaning, overlapping words in order to create tension and conflict. Inside this illusory space he wants to examine the framework that lies in the grey areas that are contradictions and how we make the choices that define ourselves. This includes both what others perceive on the surface, but also the reality that lies beneath.  Derek sees the work as a dialogue with the viewer that is not only about his own introspection, but also about meditating on one’s own actions, behaviors, and identity.

Ruti Modlin

Show ran from 4/1/2010 to 4/24/2010

“Happy Hour,” Acrylic on Canvas

Ruti Modlin’s recent investigation explores the human quest for happiness by presenting people getting together for Happy Hour.  There are no crucial decisions, no self examination, no responsibilities. For one hour alcohol provides the ticket to a fast vacation with no travel time.

Shane Prine

Show ran from 4/1/2010 to 4/24/2010

Shane Prine “The Presence of Absence,” Photography

Shane Prine’s goal is to capture an elegiac quality in subjects both animate and inanimate. A phrase that, he believes, encapsulates his most recent work is “the presence of absence.” A central theme of Shane’s work is memory-what informs memory, how does it change over time, why is that memories are often romanticized…or how is it that nostalgia or trauma often color memory accordingly. Other related ideas contained here involve questions of identity and belief.