Show ran from 3/2/2010 to 3/27/2010

ARC is proud to be hosting “Materiality,” a group exhibition juried by Jeanne N. Long, Independent Curator and Associate Director of Special Exhibitions at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibition explores the place of material in contemporary art practice, encouraging innovative approaches to working with material-including but not limited to traditional domestic crafts, fibers, building materials, found objects, trash, etc. Immateriality is defined as having no consequence, and history often grouped craft, low-art, and the feminine as such. As the do it yourself aesthetic hits mainstream and the processes of the feminine domestic are re-invented into social activism, bricoleurs (matter makers) are at the forefront. So what is materiality in the 21st century? Artists will examine not only the value of material and its uses, but the meaning within formal, social, political, or ecological contexts.

Photos of the exhibition