Kina Bagovska

Show ran from 1/4/2010 to 1/30/2010

Kina Bagovska: “The Running Lights”,  Mixed Media

Opening Reception:  Friday, January 8, from 6-9pm
    Kina Bagovskas paintings search for translucency, reflection, and refraction through use of papers and clear foils. She looks to the reflections surrounding us to create a different world that is unreal, dymanic and changing.  Backdrops of neutral paint tones serve as windows through which the layers are revealed.  Juxtaposed layers create movement and depth in space.  Kina has had many solo and group exhibitions in Bulgaria, Finland, Switzerland, Poland and America.  Since 2000, she has lived in Chicago, working as a journalist for Bulgarian newspapers and as a teacher at Triton College.

Barb Blacharczyk and Allison Svoboda

Show ran from 1/5/2010 to 1/30/2010

“The Energy of Flowing Forms”  Ink on Paper or Silk

Opening Reception: Friday, January 8, from 6-9pm

The subject of water in Barb’s work is a metaphor for the mysterious energy present in the natural world.  She is particualarly interested in the expression of this invisible energy in the flow of water and the eventual emergence of form.  Allison works with simple materials, the paper and ink take on a quality that is both ethereal and enduring at the same time.  She works quickly on hundreds of sketches and then spends more time digesting the image as she assembles the collage.  The final image takes on the quality of fractals and movement found in all natural forms.

Dylan A. T. Miner

Show ran from 1/5/2010 to 1/30/2010

Dylan A. T. Miner: “In the Shell of the Old”  Relief Prints with Wall painting and Installation  

Opening Reception: Friday, January 8, from 6-9pm

Telling stories of the daily struggles faced by working in the building and the dismantling of the rural and industrial Midwest, Dylan A. T. Miner’s bold and unique vision valorizes the perseverance that contributes to the small victories of the everyday.  Through the medium of politically charged relief prints and installation, Miner viscerally connects our daily concerns with those of the past by compelling us to act toward the building of “another” possibly better world.