Tracy Grubbs

Show ran from 9/2/2009 to 9/25/2009

“Moments of Impermanence” Oil and alkyd on canvas

Opening reception: Friday, September 4, from 6-9 pm

Deeply intrigued by the Buddhist notion of impermanence, San Francisco artist Tracy Taylor Grubbs uses paint to reconcile the fixed perspective of her individual experience with the concept of a universe in eternal flux. She finds hints of it everywhere: a smear of sky in a car bumper, a lazy disintegration of form in a chair leg.  The images in her paintings seem to flicker on the outer edge of reality.  Through her painting practice Grubbs seeks to reveal how the static experience of a stationary view can give way to the ecstatic possibilities of the ephemeral.

Ken Konchel

Show ran from 9/2/2009 to 9/25/2009

“Framing Structure” Large-format, silver gelatin photography

Opening reception: Friday, September 4, from 6-9 pm

The purpose of Ken Konchel’s show is to present buildings in arresting ways, creating compositions that do not immediately reveal themselves as architecture.  Buildings offer rich opportunities for Ken to imaginatively explore the angle, the cube, the curve, the triangle, and the rectangle.  By examining these forms individually or by grouping them into unconventional configurations, he aspires to challenge and captivate people by introducing them to architecture’s intriguing visual possibilities.  Ken strives to take photographs that disclose their content in layers of meaning that more richly reward with repeated viewings.

Michele Stutts

Show ran from 9/2/2009 to 9/25/2009

“Cabrini Gone Green” mixed media and video

Opening reception: Friday, September 4, from 6-9 pm

Michele Stutts is a nationally and internationally exhibited artist. Her work is semi-abstract, mixed media paintings and video. Within her work, Stutts often deals with matters of social imbalance. Through color, composition, and design she attempts to reach a sense of balance on an artistic level.  Cabrini Gone Green is the title of her upcoming show. It explores the social, political, and personal feelings of the current residents of the Cabrini-Green Housing Projects relocating from their homes.

Sally Graves Machlis

Show ran from 8/1/2009 to 8/14/2009

“The Chiayi Series,” Ink Paintings

Opening reception:  Friday, July 24, from 6-9 pm

The Chiayi Series is a graceful collection of calligraphic paintings and books. These abstract works by the artist are the result of her recent sabbatical in Taiwan studying Chinese calligraphy and ink painting.  Inspired by these lessons, Machlis has used traditional Chinese materials–brush, ink and rice paper–in new ways to create personal and expressive artworks.