Laura Cloud

Show ran from 3/4/2009 to 3/28/2009

“Travel Journals,” installation

OPENING RECEPTION:  Friday, March  6, 6-9 pm

Laura Cloud has traveled to Brazil, Australia, Japan, Europe and across the USA over the past few years. She has documented each trip in an ongoing series called The Travel Journals.  This work has been shown both nationally and internationally.  She has also attended residency programs located in Vermont, Ireland and Japan. Her most recent work was exhibited at the Museu Historico de Santa Catarina, in Florianopolis, Brazil. Laura received a BFA from the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School and the MFA from Rhode Island School of Design.  Currently she is a national  member of ARC, Chicago and Soho 20, New York City, and an Associate Professor of Studio Art in sculpture at Michigan State University. image, Ancient Circles

“Fifth Appendage”

Show ran from 3/4/2009 to 3/28/2009

Contemporary sculpture and prints by Danielle Barton, Maribeth Coffey-Sears, Eric Fuertes, Peter Kenar and Anna Kenar.

Engaging viewers through multiple levels, these selected works explore opinions and perceived boundaries while investigating concepts of personal narrative, social and political commentary, the spiritual and the symbolic.  Striving to understand the interrelationship with these issues on a broader spectrum, while engaging viewers through multiple levels, these artists implement a variety of processes and materials.  From the analogous use of tangible and recognizable objects, altered and employed out of their original context, to fabrication of original imagery, these artists alter the perceptual base of the elements employed in their work to provide fresh perspectives about contemporary issues and art.

Jorge Estrada & Daniela Paasch

Show ran from 3/4/2009 to 3/28/2009

“Pueblitos,” photography

Pueblitos is a photographic series in which filmmakers Jorge Estrada and Daniela Paasch explore the hidden aesthetics found in everyday objects and the common circumstances in little towns.  With the use of traditional formats and formal compositions, such as the postcard and the landscape, this show questions the individual perception while visiting a place, and points out the subjective relativity of capturing specific aspects. The relevance of a memory is then subjugated by the aesthetic of a moment.

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