Bulgarian Artists Abroad

Show ran from 11/5/2008 to 11/29/2008

“Fragmented Reflections,” group show, various media

Twelve Bulgarian artists explore and disclose their mysterious creative process, usually hidden from the viewer. All work was created in May 2008, during the first national meeting of the artist group.  This exhibition references Beinsa Duno, a Bulgarian spiritual teacher, who wrote: “The most truthful art of all is creating your own life: art is a powerful way for spiritual growth and realization.”

Patricia Otto

Show ran from 11/5/2008 to 11/29/2008

 “Caged Dresses,” constructions (discarded paintings & tomato cages with hand & machine sewing)

 OPENING RECEPTION:  Friday, November 7, 6-9 pm

The Caged Dresses are expressions of the inherent condition of women. Just as one could interpret the human body as a temporal cage for the soul, the Caged Dress can be seen, not only as a limitation, but also as a structure from which the woman being evolves. As such, the cages give the dress image/ woman added strength and stature, as they press against their boundaries, or even go beyond them. They show their foundation on the outside. They’re rough around the edges. They’re on a pedestal – or a soap box.

Using discarded paintings on canvas donated by artists-friends, I sew cut-out pieces of paintings together by hand onto discarded tomato cages that I’ve reconstructed into dress-like forms.

Adele Cohen

Show ran from 11/5/2008 to 11/29/2008

“A Life in Art,” drawings, collages, & oil paintings

Selected works of the versatile and internationally exhibited Yaddo artist (1922-2000), whose prolific life in art reflected her love of music, hatred of war, and tumultuous times. Adele Cohen’s exhibition is curated by her longtime associate, artist Ben Perrone.