MAAC Gallery Walk Flyer for June 14

Special Events…Blue Sky Inn

Show ran from 6/1/2008 to 6/28/2008

“Vantage Points,”  photography, mixed media, painting and drawing

A group exhibition of artwork by members of Blue Sky Inn, a local non-profit organization that facilitates arts programming for homeless youth. Coordinated by Director, Lisa Thompson.  Image by Brittish Lloyd

“Feminist Interrogations”

Show ran from 6/1/2008 to 6/28/2008

OPENING RECEPTION:  Friday, June 6, 6-9 pm

“Feminist Interrogations” showcases feminist art works by emerging artists that do not privilege gender, but see it in conversation with questions of social justice in the global age. Featuring artists from Australia, the United States, and Europe, the artworks selected for “Feminist Interrogations” address how women’s lives are impacted by and intersect with a variety of issues, such as consumerism, racism, reproductive rights, domestic violence, and the legacies of colonialism and war.  Utilizing strategies that range from self-portraiture to collaborative practice, these artists provide an opportunity to engage in a wider dialogue of these complex concerns, as well as create sites of resistance.” – Joanna Gardner-Huggett, juror

Participating artists include:  Theresa A. Anderson,  J. J. Barrington,  Detroit Diamonds Project,  Joelle Dietrick + Owen Mundy,  Josephine Ferorelli,  Kaitlin Kostus,  Yvonne Kunz,  Kathleen Madigan,  Lily Mayfield,  Suzanne Kurek Merrell,  Kelly Parsell,  Nadia Saeed,  Satch,  Sabba Saleem Syal,  and  Anne Wundrak.

  • RELATED EVENT:  “INTERVENING FEMINISM: SOCIAL JUSTICE AND THE FEMINIST ART MOVEMENT,” a graduate student symposium addressing interrelated issues of feminism and social justice will be held at Intuit on Saturday, June 7 from 10:30 am to 4:45 pm.  Click here for the symposium schedule.  An after party will immediately follow at Woman Made Gallery.   This is a MAAC/FAP event.
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  • PICK UP: a catalogue/CD of “Feminist Interrogations” at the gallery for a $10 donation, or email your request to and donate $10 via PayPal on our website, or mail in your request with a $10 check.