Katherine Steichen Rosing & Couzi Ohsono

Show ran from 4/2/2008 to 5/3/2008

“Silences,”  paintings and sculptures

Ma, an integral concept in Japanese art, is the expression of space and silence, and the core of Couzi Ohsono‘s evocative paintings and small sculptures. Spaces between the forms in art are like “that little bit between each note–silences which give the form” -Isaac Stern.  Katherine Steichen Rosing‘s quiet rhythmic acrylic paintings of forests and patterns of water are created using texture and color to explore cycles of transformation, growth and decay.

Ohsono, from Tokyo, and Rosing, a Wisconsin artist, met through a cultural exchange between artists in the U.S. and Japan. Their abstract paintings communicate, overcoming any language barriers.

Iris Goldstein

Show ran from 4/2/2008 to 5/3/2008

“Figures and Ground,” sculpture, mixed media

OPENING RECEPTION:  Friday, April 4, 6-9 pm

Taking simple building materials–aluminum screen, wood and plaster–Iris Goldstein creates wall relief sculptures that suggest aspects of human form and gesture. In her new work, Figures and Ground, she creates installations incorporating the walls of the gallery as an element to show sculpture existing as a frozen moment in time and space.  “I am very concerned with relationships–the sculptures to the wall, to each other, and to the viewer.”

Nancy Lu Rosenheim

Show ran from 4/2/2008 to 5/3/2008

“Carnal Animates,” sculpture and paintings, mixed media

The artist muses …”a tree modifies its growth to accommodate obstacles, resulting in the appearance of soft human tissue. Thus a rigid tree chronicles elasticity.” Nancy Lu Rosenheim infuses her nonfigurative objects with characteristics suggestive of bodily forms and functions. Her show revolves around the theme of personification and flesh. It includes sculptural objects and paintings in pink Styrofoam, wire and mixed media. “These objects should remind you of something.”