Special Events…from the Council of Jewish Elderly

Show ran from 1/9/2008 to 2/2/2008

“Reflection of the Miles,” various media and sound recordings

The third in a series of collaborative exhibitions coordinated by ARC Affiliate member Ralitza Vladimirova, who leads a group of residents from assisted living facilities from the Council of Jewish Elderly in monthly ARC gallery visits.  This installation of 150 12″ x 12″ pieces includes voice recordings of the elder’ observations on topics such as relationships, the environment, and politics.

Chu-Alice Chan

Show ran from 1/9/2008 to 2/2/2008

“A Poem in Glass, or Peace and Love,” sculpture

Chan’s sculpture has as a goal “to explore the power of the visual to communicate timeless expressions of emotion,” inspired by Buddhism and a hope for world peace.  The artist’s sculptures range from small works of fine lapidary wearable art to large carved optical and jade glass, and bronze pedestal pieces.

Kina Bagovska

Show ran from 1/9/2008 to 2/2/2008

“The Legend of Bread,”  mixed media and collaborative art

Kina Bagovska artist shows acrylic abstract paintings inspired by ritual breadmaking, embroidery, costume and related celebrations of Bulgarian traditional life.  There will be an opening night performance by the Bulgarian traditional dance troupe, Horo at 7 pm and a closing night performance on Saturday, January 26 at 6 pm.

“Legend of Bread” is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council.