Joseph Lupo

Show ran from 11/1/2007 to 11/24/2007

“WHAT?!!”  Prints: Intaglio, Silkscreen and Relief

“In 2005 I began to address how artists and writers communicate through comics. One of the major symbols of this type of communication is the thought / talk bubble. I began this series of works by concentrating on only the shape of the thought / talk bubble. The original text and image is removed from these prints in order to de-contextualize the illustration and narrative.”

Kayce Bayer

Show ran from 11/1/2007 to 11/24/2007

“It’s Amateur Hour with Your Hosts, the Intimately Disconnected!”   mixed media, drawing, video, performance, and installation  

“I’m interested in how new technologies such as MySpace, cell phones, camera phones, pix and text messaging alter our social identities and create more mediated connections.  I’m working with ideas of passivity, freedom, isolation, virtual vs. live interaction, reality and farce–the ambiguous nature of interconnectivity in the social sphere.” – Kayce Bayer

There will be a live performance from 7-8pm on the night of the opening.

Greg Kuepfer

Show ran from 11/1/2007 to 11/24/2007

“The Loop Now & Then,”  digital prints

The Loop Now & Then began in 1977 and continues into the present. “I grew up in the 1950s and my visual sense was heavily influenced by picture magazines of the period, such as Life and Look. This is my interpretation of the Chicago Loop and its dynamics. Shot in both color and black & white, these images showcase the elegance and timeless quality of the Loop…This ‘survey’ will continue to evolve over time. The city and I have both changed over the last thirty years, but I believe that all these images have a consistent look and feel.”