ARC All Members’ Show 2007

Show ran from 10/3/2007 to 10/27/2007

“5 foot 2” 

Nationwide members of this long running women’s cooperative explore the body-size dimensions of 5 foot 2 through various styles, content and media.

Participating artists:  Kina Bagovska, Kayce Bayer, Nancy Bechtol, Chu-Alice Chan, Nancy Charak, Esther Charbit, Brooke Demos, Nancy Fritz, Anne Farley Gaines, Iris Goldstein, Mary Maughelli, Renee McGinnis, Mary Min, Lynnette Mohill, Cheri Reif Naseli, Patricia Otto, Tamera Petrov, Judith Roth, Charlotte Segal, Rene Schuler, Michele Stutts, Laura Sucher, Ralitza Vladimirov, and Amy Zucker.