M. Giedre Zumbakis, Pamela Elesh, Barbara Breyer, and Irene Ryan Maloney

Show ran from 9/5/2007 to 9/29/2007

“INK: A Printmaking Show,”  monoprints and etchings

Prints by a coalition of four Chicago area women printmakers, in diverse styles, including techniques using digital imaging, Intaglio, etching, monotype and aquatint.

Michele Stutts

Show ran from 9/5/2007 to 9/29/2007

“Mixed Messages Buried, Executed in Mixed Media,”   mixed media paintings and sculptures

Nicole Hollander

Show ran from 9/5/2007 to 9/29/2007

“Growing Old in America…Best To Do It Somewhere Else” – Sylvia Cartoon 1990,  drawings and artifacts

ARC is please to present an exhibition of Hollander’s work which reveals her creative process as well as the originals of her nationally-syndicated cartoon, Sylvia. Hollander will be present at the opening reception to sign copies of her newest book, Tales of Aging Gracefully…From the Planet Denial. See Hollander’s one-woman performances at the Chicago Cultural Center Theatre on September 24, 25 and 26.