ARC Archives move to Art Institute of Chicago, Ryerson Library in 2007…

…”The Art Institute of Chicago is taking all of ARC’s 33 years of archives for their Ryerson Library to store for scholarly research on a permanent basis,” ARC Advisory Board Member, Joanna Gardner-Huggett announced.  Learn more…

Kevin von Kluck

Show ran from 3/7/2007 to 3/24/2007


“The assemblages address social and personal issues such as war, extinction, (both cultural and natural) and personal attitudes of behavior.”

Christopher Gose 

Show ran from 3/7/2007 to 3/25/2007

“Assimilating Similar/The By-Product of an Unnatural Offshoot,”   Foam, taxidermy forms, painted wood, plaster, hardware.

The artist’s work reveals his interest in simulations or replications of real organisms, the duplication of these replications, and the synthesis of these images.

Judith Pollock

Show ran from 3/7/2007 to 3/24/2007

Five Plays on Reality,” digital video and sound

Experiments in video explore the interplay of reality and fantasy. The artist’s observations of everyday life intersect with her artistic process in these digital works.

Cheri Reif Naselli

Show ran from 3/7/2007 to 3/24/2007

Conceptual installation

Shelley Gilchrist

Show ran from 3/7/2007 to 3/24/2007

“Line Dance,” mixed media

“My work includes several encaustic paintings and wax-dipped drawings inspired by the bark of the lacewood or lagetta plant. The first in the series are tightly-rendered ink drawings, followed by increasingly colorful and gestural paintings (encaustic on board). The culminating work is a 10′ x 8′ wall collage of paper, wax and pigment.”

“The Art of Survival”

Show ran from 3/7/2007 to 3/24/2007

An exhibition of healing and transformative artwork by survivors of domestic violence coordinated by Elka Kazmierczak .

Jennie Roles-Walter 

Show ran from 3/7/2007 to 3/24/2007

Preconceived Notions,” mixed media and digitally manipulated photographs

Creative views of the artist’s southern surroundings.

Tamara Petrov

Show ran from 3/7/2007 to 3/24/2007

“Atom of Light,”  oil on canvas and paper