Sixth Street Photography Workshop

Show ran from 12/6/2006 to 12/30/2006

“Stories of the City,” photography

Sixth Street Photography Workshop, selections from “Stories of the City,” compelling photographic portraiture made in and around San Francisco’s homeless community and residential hotels; the artist, Tom Ferentz collaborates with disenfranchised adults.

Mark Faraday

Show ran from 12/6/2006 to 12/30/2006

“Retrospective,” paintings, drawings and photography

A comprehensive exhibition.

Tom Ferentz

Show ran from 12/6/2006 to 12/30/2006

“Central Street,” photography

Autobiographical photography project. Intimacy and memory using digital images and text.

Ivan Uzunov

Show ran from 12/6/2006 to 12/30/2006

“Dimensions,” paintings and prints

Paintings in mixed media and handmade, small-issue lithographs. Original techniques using non-traditional materials.

Doreen Maloney

Show ran from 12/6/2006 to 12/30/2006

“Conversations,”  8-screen multi-media presentation

“Conversations” is an unusual mix of the aesthetic, the entertaining, and the political. The immersive video experience surrounds the user with eight different viewpoints of a series of conversations. Improvised conversations were captured in an “American living room” between three target audiences, twenty-year-olds, thirty/forty-year-olds and fifty-year-olds. Each group was given the instructions to react to newspapers they found all around them. The artist deconstructed the video point-of-view spatially, giving the viewer intense synchronized close-ups of the three individuals’ faces, bodies, and eyes to further heighten the exacting focus of the camera and the intrusion of the viewer as voyeur.

Nancy Charak

Show ran from 12/6/2006 to 12/30/2006

“Re-emergence,”  mixed media drawings 

Nancy Charak works in a variety of media with images that range from whimsical to mysterious. Her images evoke windows or flat planes of paper and canvas, black into black, white into white with subtle lines of color and washes.

Anne Farley Gaines

Show ran from 12/6/2006 to 12/30/2006

“Humor and Joie de Vivre,” watercolor paintings 

Plein-aire watercolor landscapes and portraits of friends including architecture and sometimes animals.

Christiane Blanc

Show ran from 12/6/2006 to 12/30/2006

“The Earth Gives Its Salt,” site-specific installation

POWER IS A HARD DRUG: One aspect of VIOLENCE is POWER. Power can be a hard drug, experienced as an addiction, which applies to political power too.