“Three Women Speak Out”

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

Saturday, October 7, 2006 2-3:30 pm 

In this panel discussion, ARC members Esther Charbit, Ethnic Gardens (paintings) and Patricia Otto, Kimonos (constructions), with guest artist, Joyce Owens, Black Faces: Rainbow Feelings (mixed media), speak on the theme ‘Beyond Boundaries’ as reflected in their solo shows. The panel is part of Chicago Artists’ Month 2006, a Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs program.

Michele Feder-Nadoff and Kannan

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

“kalimat / millim (words),” multi-media performance/installation

A performance/installation work and exchange by artists Kanaan Kanaan and Michele Feder-Nadoff, who have been collaborating and exhibiting together since 2002 in response to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The artists will be creating/performing this work from October 3-October 5.

“As a Muslim and a Jew, we grew up having prayers for everything – for the rain, the thunder, the sun rising, for the wind, the rainbow, and the washing of hands, for death and birth. Our work is like building a house and sweeping the floor together.”

Dori Jacobson

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

Photos of the Women’s Movement

John Trusk

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

“Horizontal Paintings”

Joyce Owens

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

“Black Faces: Rainbow Feelings,” wood, acrylic paint, metal, beads, etc.

“These new works represent an on-going interest in building 3-D objects and paintings. Engaging African imagery in a modernist form promotes a deeper understanding of my culture and its history through visual representations. The mask tie us all to our collective birth place, Mother Africa, and we are expressions of the only cultural roots I can claim.”

Mary Burks

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

“I Felt Like It,” fiber art

Patricia Otto

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

“Kimonos,” painted canvas-reconstructed

“What do you get when you combine a compulsive spate of Asian-esque sewing with the necessity of making art? Old paintings on canvas reconstructed as kimonos.” –

Esther Charbit

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

“The Ethnic Garden,” mixed media portraits

“I see our country, not as a melting pot where all the human ingredients blend together and loose their unique flavors . . . but as a luscious garden filled with beautiful blooms that enrich our landscape, creating bold bouquets of life experiences.” – Esther Charbit

Renee McGinnis

Show ran from 10/4/2006 to 10/28/2006

Renee McGinnis’ allegorical paintings hope to serve as beautifull warnings to us all. Each work communicates humanities’ concerns on a metaphysical level. They speak visually about our people, triumphs and tragedies and how these conditions consistantly co-exist. Through these works McGinnis hopes to activate the “Intellectual Overdrive” we all possess. These cracked landscapes painted mostly on “found objects” recall still, lifeless places, yet McGinnis creates an area of aesthetic order like a mosaic floor to remind us all that the hand of man is involved . Covering these segments of earth is all manner of vegetation, growth and hope.