Douglas Mercado

“Everyday Life in a Fractured Land,” Photographs from Darfur

Involved in humanitarian relief efforts in Darfur over the past three years, Mercado attempted to capture elements of “ordinary” life among internally displaced persons and other war-affected populations. “Civilians in Darfur bear the brunt of the brutality, their lives torn asunder. They embrace or confront the new reality of their lives with remarkable courage and strength. In many ways, they are people no different than you or I. But unlike us, they must construct their lives against the backdrop of extreme cruelty and bewildering uncertainty.”

Cheri Reif Naselli

Show ran from 7/5/2006 to 7/29/2006

“Shadows,” installation

Cheri Reif Naselli’s installation, “Shadows,” investigates end of life issues of memory loss, and the loss of histories and memories through death of parents or the previous generation. The collection of objects, images, and personal effects illuminates the residue of a life dissolving.

Camille Cosson

Show ran from 7/5/2006 to 7/29/2006

“Break dance in Paris,” video featuring a 17 year-old Parisian break dancer

Kathy Halper

Show ran from 7/5/2006 to 7/29/2006

“Layers: Recent Works,” mixed media

“The artwork in “Layers” are visual tapestries, combining rich decorative patterns and colors with thoughtful narratives of the unheralded and forgotten members of society. Figurative subjects are woven into the graphic environments of the background using solid line and form, assimilating representational detail with obscurity and negative space. By employing collage-inspired layering of materials and technique, a strong psychological presence and voice is created for these subjects, becoming metaphors for nostalgia and kinship, estrangement and uncertainty.”

“Digital Open”

Show ran from 7/5/2006 to 7/29/2006

digital prints by local and national artists

“Paris in Chicago,” International Exchange

Show ran from 7/5/2006 to 7/29/2006

 paintings, sculpture, mixed media and digital art

The purpose of this exchange is to stimulate an ongoing cultural dialogue for international artists and create an atmosphere that transcends language, age, race and cultural background. In the fall of 2005, the members of Bastille Art Association hosted ARC members in an international artist exchange. This year, Paris artists have been invited to Chicago.  Participating Parisian artists are:  Christiane Blanc, Anne Binot-Paternostre, Colette Birambo, Francois Cosson, Giocar, Sophie Lang and Marielle Vitry.

On Thursday, July 6th, at 7:00PM, French artists will present their current digital art created on Apple computers at the NMA Theater inside the Apple Store, 679 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL. Featured artists are Franciois Cosson, Colette Birambo and Anne Binot-Paternostre

Holly Collins

Show ran from 7/5/2006 to 7/29/2006

“Arches,” mixed media on paper

“The work is a series of twelve small abstract paintings that is a continuation of my landscape series about arches. The texture of the surface and mark-making have become more important in this series than the subject matter itself.”