Norma Cochovity

Show ran from 5/5/2006 to 6/3/2006


Kelly Weime

Show ran from 5/3/2006 to 6/3/2006


Kelly Weime is a photographer living in Chicago.  She has been traveling to her hometown of Moline, Illinois every month to take pictures of her family. This show is Kelly’s most recent work, shot large format and printed as 16″x20″ silver gelatin prints.

Iris Goldstein

Show ran from 5/4/2006 to 6/3/2006

“Muses and Musings,” plaster-relief wall sculptures and colored pencil drawings

Iris Goldstein will be showing a new body of work.  The exhibition of plaster-relief wall sculptures, “Muses and Musings”, explores the artist’s feelings about nature, in relation to her experimental uses of the materials of the building trades. Colored pencil drawings based on nature will also be included in the exhibit. Ms. Goldstein, a long-time member of ARC Gallery, studied with Leonard Baskin at Smith College and received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Charlotte Segal

Show ran from 5/4/2006 to 6/3/2006

“Venus,” mixed-media paintings

Charlotte Segal travels with an eye to local color, history, and the dominant art treasurers of regions visited.  In October 2005, Segal spent considerable time in Paris studying her favorite works of art, especially the sculpture “Venue d’Milo,” a long time resident of the Louvre.  “Venus” is the inspiration and theme of Segal’s latest mixed-media paintings.  In addition, Segal, with collaborator and printer, Peter Jones, has taken Venus from her pedestal and repositioned her via digital processes, leaving the Louvre behind.  A member of ARC Gallery, Segal also is on the faculty of the International Academy of Design and Technology, Chicago Campus.  Her paintings are in many major collections.  Her focus on the female form has been a recurring theme.

Jenny Kwon

Show ran from 5/1/2006 to 6/3/2006

“A Fish Story,” “AIDS PSA,” “Borders,” “My City,” “Nice Girl Syndrome,” and “Spacetime,” 17. video

A recipient of New Trier High School’s “Nancy Joyce Murray Art Scholarship,” Kwon has also won “Best Experimental”  for the Chicago Youth Media Festival (2004), “Best Social Commentary” for the Future Filmmaker’s Festival (2005), and has had work shown in Olympia Festival (2005) and National Conference of English Teachers in Pittsburg (2005). She is co-head of her school’s Club ACLU and Video Yearbook. She has been taking courses in video art for three years, and plans to study film at Columbia University.

Trinity Christian College Seniors

Show ran from 5/2/2006 to 6/3/2006

The work in this show is the culmination of four or more years of undergraduate study for each of the artists.  They deal with a variety of issues, media, and artistic goals.   While individual and distinct, each artist has been acutely aware of the work of the other artists in the show.   The show is a product of a community of artists, rather than just a showcase of varied work.

Participating artists:  Josh Biesboer, Ryan Bruxvoort, Jenni Derks, Jordan Hoekstra, Esther Holwerda, Stacy E. Hunley, Kristi Kendrix, Nettie Kossart, Sam McCune, Kayla Ruggles and Jenny Rynberk.