The Milwaukee Avenue Arts Corridor (MAAC)…

…was formed in 2006 as a coalition of  ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation, 

INTUIT: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art and Woman Made Gallery.

ARC Gallery is one of the three unique, non-profit arts organizations in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago that has joined forces to provide excellence in the arts through exhibitions, education and community programming.

To see a timeline of MAAC sponsored events click here, and see info about MAAC Gallery Walks in the news items listed above.

Snow City Arts Foundation

Show ran from 4/3/2006 to 4/30/2006

Sleeping on the Ceiling!

Exploring moments of humor, playfulness, profundity, and pain, the works in these rooms offer the unexpected vistas that come only with the singularity of a child’s vision. Sleeping on the Ceiling invites you into this transcendent dreamscape, where fantasy and reality intersect through the unique process of art-making.

Limited edition poetry broadsides featuring original art by Tony Fitzpatrick and Amy Lowry Poole available.