Nancy Bechtol and David Bechtol

Show ran from 3/1/2006 to 4/1/2006

“Vistas: Yellowstone & Tetons,” digital photography

These landscapes are selections from the Yellowstone-Tetons Series.  During the summer of 2005, a total of over 3,000 images were shot between Nancy and David – each with a high resolution digital camera.  This is the third segment of the series, which has been exhibited in collaboration.  “Vistas” are views which start with the physical landscapes, expanding into extensive mental views and eliciting emotions which render the images timeless.

Derek Monroe

Show ran from 3/1/2006 to 4/1/2006

“Tree of War,” U.S. Premiere, multimedia presentation including a metal alloy structure contrasted with video footage  

This installation shows the psychological influence of combat on shaping the mind. It can be construed both as material representation of the combat, it’s glorification or condemnation. The choice depends on the viewer’s state of mind and opinion.

Ten Chicago Women Artists

Show ran from 3/1/2006 to 4/1/2006

Four painters, two ceramic sculptors, one fabric artist, one printmaker, one who draws her inspiration from photography and one woodcarver

“Ten Chicago Women Artists.”  These artists all seem to deal with their relationship with either the external or internal environment.  From frenetic images of Chicago to bucolic landscapes, female archetypes and internal “mindscapes”, these artists are responding to the impact that our environment has upon us as both women and artists.  Stylistically ranging from realistic to metaphoric to mysterious, what these works have in common is a fascination with life and how we choose to live it.

Kina Bagovska

Show ran from 3/1/2006 to 4/1/2006

“Icons,” paintings and drawings

“The icon as image in Eastern Europe personified something holy and divine.  These are the things we are in touch with daily, our life experiences: family, children, the wind, the river rocks, the smell of the forests, the sunrise, smiles, and love.  Aren’t these unique? Aren’t these transitional and yet eternal?  Icons in the dictionary are described as: ‘The use of vivid or figurative language to represent objects, actions, ideas.’  For me, they are a visual necessity of the soul to communicate with the world through which it moves, creating a new reality through inner dialog–a creation by which unconscious energy is either freed or stock-piled.” – Kina Bagovska

Kristina Gosh

Show ran from 3/1/2006 to 4/1/2006

“Somewhere in Between,”  mixed-media

In Gosh’s new series, urban and pastoral colors coalesce with textural surfaces to create atmospheric “landscapes.” Within this abstract imagery, city and rural become juxtaposed and intertwined, illustrating psychological crossroads and the geography of the mind.