Ann Blaas and Adam Zinanni

Show ran from 2/1/2006 to 2/25/2006

“Identity is Something you Shop For,” installation

“We are creating a space/environment that questions the artist’s role as a competitor in our consumer-driven society.  One finds an intensified spectacle of sound and vision that lures viewers to shop for art the way they shop for other merchandise.  Questioning both why shopping has become such an important past-time in today’s culture, and whether art has any place in this era — an era where the shopper enjoys a vacation/fantasy environment (like Hollister) selling surfing to the Midwest.  Where no one leaves the store without picking up a souvenir (a t-shirt).”

Aimee Bonham

Show ran from 2/1/2006 to 2/25/2006

“Recent Works,” oil, wax and pencil on wood

Painted on wood panels, the recent work by Aimee Bonham is an intimate show of abstract art layered in oil, wax and pencil. Often read as landscapes, these calm, non-didactic works are organic in color, shape and line. A letter and number attached to each untitled work allows the viewer full personal interpretation.

Daryl Hudson

Show ran from 2/1/2006 to 2/25/2006

“Dream Variations,” pastels and watercolors

Throughout history, day and night have been metaphors for youth and age and life and death.  In the poem, “Dream Variations,” this metaphor is extended.  Hudson states he finds the poetry of Langston Hughes emotionally inspirational, artistically vivid, moving, lively, provocative, scenic and visual.  The artist shows pieces which represent his visual interpretation of the poet’s literary conceptions.

Mary Min

Show ran from 2/1/2006 to 2/25/2006

Drawings on plywood

“I Have A Dream” juried exhibition

Show ran from 2/1/2006 to 2/25/2006

“What is your dream? What are our dreams? What happens to the dream deferred?” In celebration of Black History Month, in commemoration of the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., ARC Gallery is sponsoring an open juried competition for art works by artists 18 years or older in all media.

Ivan Stoychev and Vassi Vasevski

Show ran from 2/1/2006 to 2/25/2006

“Recent Works,” paintings

The paintings in this show were created in the last two years. The exhibit explores the limits of abstract art, being more geometric and stylized in Ivan’s works, while remaining more organic and closer to reality in Vassi’s paintings.  Both artists graduated from the same art school in Europe and live in the US. This is their first show together.

Helen Gotlib

Show ran from 2/1/2006 to 2/25/2006

“Recent Works,” drawings and etchings

Gotlib is devoted to exploring the human form on paper and copper plate as an intricate network of overlapping, meandering lines and gracefully accidental scribbles. New directions in her work show her exploring the possibilities of the figure as a minimal, reduced graphic depiction of movement and form. Much of the featured work was created during an artist in residency program at the KALA Institute in Berkley, California.