Samar Modonpour

Show ran from 1/4/2006 to 1/28/2006

“My Internet Tale: Hijab Movement in Iran 2,” ceramic tiles, photographs

“This installation is made from more than 3,000 Internet photographs mounted on ceramic tiles of Iranian women wearing Hijab. It portrays the women’s sexual movement in Iran and their progress from total and seemingly lifeless restriction to colorful burgeoning change. Each photograph tells a different story, a story that has many more hidden stories. This is my story.”

Euyoung Hong – extended

Show ran from 1/4/2006 to 1/28/2006

“Progress and Degeneration: A Package Deal,” sculpture

Language is defined as a system of symbols or gestures used by people to “communicate” their thoughts and emotions “intelligibly” with one another. More often then not, however, the language also functions as a hindrance to communication, and becomes a primary source of misunderstanding.  By using language without proper thinking, the language is often degraded into a transient noise, more often harmful than harmless at that, and becomes an object of distrust, better to be avoided. Sometimes silence is gold, because in the basic function of language both the positive and negative functions co-exist side-by-side as if a package deal. They are inseparable. They say that homo sapiens are blessed with language. If so, one may say that homo sapiens are also cursed with language. The blessing and cursing come together as a inseparable package deal. In the beginning, however, the negative function of language was tolerable.

ARC Affiliate Members’ Show 2006

Show ran from 1/4/2006 to 1/28/2006

“Gift Box Show – extended”

Show ran from 1/4/2006 to 1/28/2006

various media by members of ARC Gallery

We will display and sell hand-made gift boxes, full of surprises inside and out. Each gift box will be a one-of-a-kind original suitable for gifting to a loved one or even to yourself. Each gift box is guaranteed to be so stunning, so original, so awesome that you might not ever want to gift it away.