Kathleen Hannigan

“Gulfstream,” installation

“Gulfstream” is an installation of egg cartons and wax representing an aerial view of the gulfstream current. It contains approximately 220 components that vary in size and shape. “My sculptures are a mixture of control, intuition, and spontaneity. They are objects that suggest something beyond what they are, recognizable yet unknowable. This work is provocative, sensual, and seemingly familiar.”

Tanya Synar

“X & Y,” video installation

The video artwork, “X & Y” explores location as a shifting point of reference. Synar’s artwork is often concerned with natural phenomena as a mechanism to illuminate the process of perception. In “X & Y,” pattern and repetition are primary carriers of information in which time becomes somewhat abstract and distorted. A long procession of transport trucks on the highway is captured by the camera’s abrupt movement. Movement in time and space are distorted in an oppositional journey down the highway. “I am interested in situations involving movement in time that can cause the mind to pause. The pause resets perception, like a reset button on the mind. Our place in a given location is comprised of constantly shifting coordinates and how we gauge these perceptual shifts whether consciously or subconsciously is fascinating. In physics, time and space are mapped in given coordinates, yet remain elusive as an abstract construct. My intention is for the work to remain open-ended enough for multiple interpretations.”

Ana Fernandez

Scholarship Show, “Dressing the Body,” mixed-media prints

A series of prints exploring permutable representations of the female body and the symbiotic relationship between an ever-fluid anatomy and fashion’s iconography and syntax.

Connie Toebe

“Seen in the Night,” dioramas and dollhouses

The artist’s states “When I was a child, I looked at the paintings on my parent’s walls and wondered what would happen if I walked into the painting. What would I see? Who would I meet? What is going on just outside the frame? I create miniature worlds for people to get lost in. No narrative or explanation, just the search for another time; a dream-time, a distant place where surefooted narrative gives way to childish wonder.”

W.A.S.P.S (Workshop Artists Studios Provisions Scotland) Exchange

WASPS includes work in all media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic, print-making, photography and jewelry

One of the artists, Miriam Vickers, shows her lyrical watercolor landscapes of Scottish sites. Vickers will present an artist’s talk for the exhibition on Friday, September 9th at 6:00 p.m.

WASPS is part of an international exchange where the Scottish co-op artists exhibited work here at ARC gallery and the ARC artists showed their artwork in Edinbourgh Scotland in exchange.

Justine Mantor

Show ran from 9/1/2005 to 9/24/2005

Mantor’s multi-layered collages reflect the changing landscapes and skies of Arizona, her home. Combining watercolor with handmade papers and natural objects from the desert, Justine incorporates these in her images.

Jonathon Russell

“Does the Ketchup Cease to Exist?” mixed media

If a red/green deficient color blind person is eating a hot dog and spills ketchup all over their favorite green sweater, does the ketchup cease to exist? This is a show seeking to find the answers to the existence of humans. From the reading of tealeaves to the study of the book of Revelations in the PC font Wingdings, the artist hopes to unlock this human mystery.