Karen Kazmer

“hover/respire,” mixed media pneumatic installation

Kazmer’s work centerson pneumatic installations that address issues of the body, anxiety and domestic concerns. Site-specific works have been constructed in Vancouver, Victoria, Burnaby (British Columbia), San Francisco, Chicago and New Mexico. “hover/respire” was conceptualized and installed at Kwantlen University Art Gallery (British Columbia) this winter. This “breathing” inflatable installation, to be adapted and integrated into RAW Space, seeks to examine the spaces and objects that we exist with on a daily basis and how we respond to situations that may occur in them. Pneumatic air “pillow drawings” seek to simultaneously express and instruct. Fractured house shapes anxiously act as a counterpoint to the relative calm of a construction hovering in the center that occasionally is gently disturbed by a synaptic type of connection that emanates from a “pillow drawing”.

Joan Fabian

“Bueno Ensemble,” paintings, drawings and collaborative efforts

“Bueno Ensemble” (Good Together) is an exhibition of work that is fueled and stimulated by working with international artists in the Netherlands, Belarus, Slovakia and Pakistan. Using the internet and snail mail resources, these artists all got together and the result is a burst on energy, wit and color. This is a group of artists who are cultural ambassadors for our turbulent times. The exhibition will travel to Parsons Paris School of Design in France, October 2005.

Sewon Winn

“Golden Object with Balloon”, sculpture

John Trusk

“Pigs in Blue,”   mixed media

The artist has been drawing and painting most of his life. He studied at the Philadelphia College of Art, graduated and spent his career in advertising as an art director for many years. Painting along the way, he has most of his work in private collections around the world. John is also an avid collector of pigs and has put together this series for all to enjoy.

“Red, White and Blue”

Juried group exhibition

How the colors red, white and blue resonate with you.

Holly Collins

“Arches and Pathways,” mixed media on paper

For many years I have been fascinated by the shape of the arch, both in architecture and as found in nature. I have completed a series of mixed media work on paper from memories of pleached and pollarded trees that provide shade and privacy along footpaths.

Robert Egan

“So Many Roads to Ease My Soul,” paintings

The abstraction of trees, sky, grass and light is translated into a myriad of vibrant color. Circular waves of electrifying paint strokes opposed by a passive calm. The full color spectrum of 40 canvases transforms into one image.

Nomeda Grumada

Sculpture/mixed media

The artist states the main concern of her art is to expose fascination with body forms, using materials to create novel textures and moods. Grumada produces objects with a minimum of detail and color to emphasize the basic lines of the subject’s form, but also employs a multitude of materials (sisal twine, cotton gauze, toothpicks, jig-saw puzzles, dollar bills…) to create symbolic meanings of the materials applied. “Is this lady dollar hungry, is she tiger-like in her dealing with the opposite sex, is she simply dressed up to ply dice?” “The hidden meaning of each personality is the big concern of my sculptures,” the artist states.