“The Secret Club Project”

“Understanding Pregnancy Loss through the Arts.” Although 900,000 miscarriages occur in the United States each year, pregnancy loss remains a surprisingly taboo topic. The Secret Club Project breaks the silence with powerful works of art and stories on this theme by women from around the country. This award-winning exhibit offers a glimpse into the physical and emotional dimensions of this invisible loss.

Shim, Jung-Rhee

“Time and Image,” paintings

In the work “Time and Image,” I want to show the traces of different kinds of forms that time creates. I also want to catch a constant movement through the power and meaning of color and through the use of images, which represent the accumulation of time and the endless linkage of history.


juried by James Rondeau

Works directed toward posing solutions to significant social issues. Beyond the mere identification of problems, this exhibition hopes to suggest solutions and serve as a stimulating and provocative catalyst for change. Resonating well beyond gallery walls and into the lives of people who, engaged and perhaps even inspired by the works, will become agents for positive change.

Anne Farley Gaines 

“More European Influence,” watercolor paintings

This selection of watercolors was begun on location in four countries in Europe while Gaines was travelling with students from the International Academy of Design and Technology in summer 2004. The works were subsequently completed in the artist’s studio. A few of the images detailed are the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence, the leaning tower of Pisa, Villandry Castle and grounds in the Loire Valley of France, and the Albert Memorial in London. The artist’s concerns are the capturing of light and detail of the forms in a spontaneous manner. A selection of inkjet-printed tiles containing images from her travels in both 2003 and 2004 will be on display as well.