Doug Stapleton & Kevin Newall

“Kiss,” image & sound installation

In the story of Sleeping Beauty, the whole environment around the princess falls asleep. Kiss explores the prince’s gesture of affection towards the world around Beauty and its awakening.

Anni Holm

“The Immigration Project,” installation & photography

This project deals with all the personal information SEVIS (formerly known as INS) might choose to obtain to monitor international students in the US. In working with students from all over the world, the artist obtained their photos and fingerprints to create large-scale digital portraits of each student. Each image contains about 4000 life-size fingerprints. They are part of an installation that consists of current immigration forms and a hereto-fitted sound piece.

Kristopher Dodd

“Paintings From A to B,” paintings

Simple scenes, moderately abstracted, plenty of structure and lots of space. – Kris Dodd

“Quiet Circus”

puppets, poetry, drawing and sculpture

The work is an exploration of personal narrative, through puppets, poetry, drawing and sculpture created by 30 children, adults and seniors with disabilities working with an artist-in-residence, Monika Kimrey.

John Marciniak


Carolyne King

“Somnambulist,” mixed media collages.

The artist continues to explore the relationship between line, color and form in her latest collages. Adding newer elements to her work–like shape–and pushing the boundaries of depth within the work, she explores personal themes of controlled chaos and when unconscious creation becomes conscious.

Lynnette Ojeda Mohill

“Paradox,” mixed media, paintings.

The artist addresses the confusing paradoxes that engulf us, define us, and damage our lives. Figures wrapped in overlapping layers symbolize the internal conflict that results from the inconsistencies that continually challenge our core being and definition of self.

Barbara Thomas

“Family Secrets,” photographs

These photographs are part of an ongoing series about the members of my family. They reflect different memories and different aspects of both the personality of the person and my relationship to them.