“Dream Spaces”

mixed media drawings

Using both words and images, Alex expresses his feelings through the plight of imagined characters in unusual worlds. As a young adult with physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities, Alex states that creating art helps him to express and release painful emotions. Alex strives to continue growing as an artist and he enjoys using his imagination to create these vivid and unique mixed media drawings.

Valerie Newman

“I’m Rubber,” mixed media installation

“I’m rubber, you’re glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” This installation addresses issues of safety for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students in schools. It serves as a visual narrative commentary, intended to stimulate dialogue about transforming unsafe environments into places of both physical and psychological protection.

“Saturday Morning Salon”


The exhibition features watercolor paintings by 12 artists who meet on Saturday mornings to paint. The work comprises portraits, still lifes and landscapes, and highlights several different approaches to the medium and subject matter.   Participating artists:  Allen Bell, Marge Bolin, Esther Chung, Sara Drummond, Greeta Hootman, Vivian Klingensmith, Carla Langston, Lindsey Leghorn, Todd Metzger, Elaine Osborne, Ken Schadt & Dorothy Soltys.

Eye Lounge Artists Exchange

“Home,” various media

Home”  is an exchange exhibit between ARC Gallery in Chicago and Eye Lounge–a contemporary artspace in Phoenix, Arizona. Since these two artist-run, cooperative galleries exist in such geographically different, yet socially similar locations, member artists agreed to explore the theme of “home,” looking to intriguing artwork that might or might not, represent each unique region. Fifteen Phoenix-area artists explore this theme of “home” with a variety of approaches, moving from universal ideas to the highly personal. Does where we live inform our perceptions of home? The answers – and more questions – are on exhibit at ARC Gallery

Michele Stutts

“Gone to Seed,” mixed media

The artist questions the idea of neglect or mere reproduction. The works explore indirectly the fear and fascination of a break in a cycle, and how death takes on a life of it’s own.

Renee McGinnis

“The Palace Floor – Rainforest,” oil on door

“The Palace Floor” series is part of McGinnis’ departure from the figure to landscape in allegory. She still remains committed to creating a permanent human record of our people, times, triumphs, tragedies, and how these conditions consistently co-exist. Through these works McGinnis hopes to activate the intellectual overdrive we all possess.