Dennis Brightwell


Yee Ling Tang

“Unmask,” Installation

To confront our tendency to stereotype, I chose “Unmask” as a central theme for the exhibition. Each person on the picture is wearing a mask, for example, a fencing mask; a headscarf from Jemen; a weldingmask; a Dutch farmer’s wife’s hood. The mask merges seamlessly into the background, the distinguishing features of the person will appear and the mask loses its function. The link between unveiling and concealing…

Ann Blaas & Adam Zinanni

Previously the artists collaborated on two public commissions at the College of DuPage. The idea of communication is explored in the current piece. Blass and Zinanni reflect upon society’s dependence on technology. Specifically of interest is the cell phone and how it infiltrates our whole way of relating to one another; the way it manifests itself in our personal body language; our growing reliance on instant gratification; as well as issues of security–both private and psychic. The installation’s sound element demonstrates how we are confronted by a constant soundscape of fragmented conversations and how the unsolicited noise effects us. In this exhibit these ideas our condensed so that the viewer is engulfed by a barrage of audio/visual imagery. We are left to think about the changing world and how technology effects all of us.

“Voodoo 4U2” Fundraiser

mixed media

ARC is conjuring up its latest fundraising endeavor!  In conjunction with our “Crushed Crushes” anti Valentine’s day exhibition, we will be selling handmade voodoo dolls at the gallery throughout the month of February.

Betsy Timmer

“Everyday Ingredients,” mixed media

The artist uses imaginative combinations of common domestic elements, manipulated and housed in small boxes and frames to create her art. Fragments of story and hints of meaning encourage viewers to relate each piece to their own personal experience. In this way, used, everyday items become brand new.

“Crushed Crushes”

ARC is pleased to present “Crushed Crushes,” a national, juried exhibition of hurtin’ hearts, lost loves and vacated valentines. 29 artists represent 12 states through photography, sculpture, painting, mixed-media and performance in this “anti-Valentine’s day” show.

Participating artists:  Stephen Anderson, Mariliana Arvelo, Aaron Bowles, Susan Czechowski, Yolanda del Amo, Julia Factorial, Beatrice Fisher, Heather D. Freeman, Leora Granston, J. Lee Hallsey, Andrew James, Mitch Kern, Karen Kurak, Hojin Kwak, Alexis K. Manheim, Holly Matthews

Tamara Petrov